Sisters of Gold

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Sisters Margaret and Annie lost their mother years ago, they long for her every day.

Their protective and devout father keeps the girls close. But he can’t protect them all the time… When a scandal rocks this family unit to their core, the girls are forced to leave their home under a shadow of secrecy.

The girls arrive in the Birmingham’s famous jewellery quarter one stifling August evening to stay with their uncle, goldsmith Ebenezer Watts.

Annie takes up work at a nearby factory, but it’s not the work that interests her. Her kind and soft nature, means that her attention is drawn to the immediate need of her impoverished colleagues and the wretched lives they lead. Meanwhile, Ebenezer employs Margaret as a chain maker. When Margaret meets silversmith Philipp Tallis, she is drawn to him instantly.

Margaret is forced closer to this mysterious man in the cramped workshop, as they create objects of beauty.

But what is it the Sisters of Gold are hiding? Even though they’ve escaped their past once, it can’t stay hidden forever . . .

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Размери 20 × 13 × 2.7 cm

Annie Murray



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