Shame on You: The addictive psychological thriller that will make you question everything you read online

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Highly entertaining and brilliantly written. Captures the digital age and its perils terrifyingly! Source: Jo Spain

The dark heart of obsession is laid bare for the whole world to see in this terrifying debut novel. After reading this you’re definitely going to think twice the next time you hit the Internet to check Facebook. Amy Heydenrych writes with passion and ferocity . . . definitely an author to watch out for Source: J. S. Carol

Darkoriginal and thoroughly gripping – Shame on You is a breathless ride through the dark side of social media and the perils of internet fame Source: T. M. Logan

A bona fide chiller that blindsided me with every, ingenious twist Source: Chris Whitaker

Full of surprising twists and turns. It takes the notion of unreliable narrators to the next level and seems impossible to second guess, for me at least. It is tightly plotted and alternates the perspectives of the two characters, Holly and Tyler. There is a slightly claustrophobic feel as Holly becomes more and more isolated and it is clear that they both have secrets hidden in their past. Taking nothing at face value is a major theme as images are manipulated and presented falsely and lies get out of hand. In short: an unsettling thriller about obsession and false appearances Source: Books, Life and Everything

Fast paced and gritty from the very first page, Shame On You is a dark, possessive and telling read about the power of social media and how much it controls people’s lives, reminiscent of an episode of Black Mirror, this book was a thrilling read Source: Handwritten Girl

We may all edit our online personas a little, using filters and careful editing, but how far is too far? Centimetre by agonising centimetre, the veil is pulled back, revealing the truth of the matter. Prepare for a yoyo of emotions as you run the gamut of sympathy, disgust, hatred and maybe even a little sneaking admiration for Holly – and also for Tyler, her attacker, whose story plays out as a counterpoint to our social media star’s dramatic fall from grace. Source: Crime Fiction Lover

There are some very unsavoury characters in this novel, but that only adds to the enjoyment in my opinion. The ending I think is going to be one that divides opinion, but this is a very clever and very current novel that deserves to do well Source: The Welsh Librarian

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