MasterChef The Classics with a Twist

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MasterChef amateurs’ champions from the last decade choose 100 classic recipes and give each a twist. Take your cooking to the next level with these imaginative takes – some surprisingly simple – on time-honoured dishes.

Try Ping Coombes’ No-cook Pad Thai, Druv Baker’s Pasta Primavera, Tim Anderson’s Sticky Slow-cook Pork Ribs, Shelina Permalloo’s Mango and Lime Drizzle Cake, and James Nathan’s Almond Crumble Mince Pies. Find out what the winners are doing now, how the series influenced their cooking, and pick up their advice for future masterchefs.

The secret to being a MasterChef winner is knowing how to take an ordinary dish and make it extraordinary. The ambitious yet achievable recipes in this collection will show you how to do the same.

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